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Yet Another Reason to Hate PMS

As if I needed another reason to dread the third week of every month.

Ever since the onset of my little battle with adult acne, I’ve noticed a very definite correlation between that time of the month and my irritating flare ups. It seems like about seven to ten days before I start my cycle, my face goes crazy… breaking out left and right. I scrub, I rinse, I exfoliate… it doesn’t help. Home remedies? Fughettaboutit. Even the ones that are normally helpful are all but useless. Over the counter creams aren’t much better.

So what gives? How come, in addition to bloating, cramps, irritability, and tender breasts, I now have to deal with a road map on my face for a week every month? Is this really necessary?

Ok, I get it… it’s a hormone thing. For those of you that haven’t caught up on your PMS pimple reading, let me give you the abridged version: in the days before menstruation, your pores open up more, and your body simultaneously releases more androgens (male hormones) from its adrenal glands). This happy little hormone alters your skin’s pH levels and increases facial oil secretions… a combo that encourages an onslaught of acne fun.

Apparently (and try not to laugh to hard here) it’s nature’s way of making a woman’s face “glow” during the time of the month when she’d be most receptive to sperm—therefore encouraging the reproduction of the human race.

Sorry Mother Nature… but it’s going to be kind of hard for me to get in the “reproductive” mood with a paper bag over my head. I’m just sayin…


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