Birth Control and Adult Acne

So here I was, flipping through channels on a late night TV binge—trying to decide whether or not to find my purse, dig out my credit card, and order myself that set of steak knives I’ve been eyeballing when that commercial came on. You know the one I’m talking about: Where the group of fabulously dressed thirty somethings are out for the night at some chic club sipping martinis and talking about birth control pills.

 Now, normally I’m not one to pay much attention to ads, but something that this little hussy said caught my attention… “Used for the treatment of moderate to severe acne.”  Now hold on just one second. Did she just say that the same little pills that keep me from getting knocked up can also help keep my face clear?

 Time to drag out the laptop and do a little research on the subject, shall we?

 It turns out that for some women, treatment resistant acne is caused by an excessive production of androgens. With extra male hormones in your system, your face’s oil glands go haywire—and the acne soon follows. Oral contraceptives that include low doses of estrogen and progestin can control the whacked out androgens, thereby helping to keep those blemishes in check.

 This is definitely something I plan on bringing up at my next doctor’s appointment. Wondering if this might be a treatment option that could work for your acne? It’s something you’ve got to discuss with your MD, but there are a few tell tale signs that can clue you and the doc in as to whether or not your acne is hormonal. For example:

 Acne as an adult for the first time in your life

Acne flares during PMS

Irregular menstrual cycles

Elevated levels of androgens in the blood (after a blood test)

Odd or excessive hair growth on the face or other unusual parts of the body


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