Goodbye 09! My Acne Resolutions for 2010


 Looks like my New Year’s Eve plans are shot, thanks to a wicked upper respiratory infection and a cough that sounds almost plague-esque. Guess it’s just me, the cat and Dick Clark tonight. (The long distance bf isn’t helping matters much) A rockin’ New Year’s indeed.

 Of course, I do have an uninvited guest as well—the adult acne that has decided to make itself my near constant companion of late. But rather than sit here feeling sorry for myself, I (armed with a big box of Kleenex and an even bigger bag of cough drops) have decided to come up with a different kind of New Year’s resolution list for 2010. Forget gym memberships and cleaner closets; how about some changes I can actually stick with this year. (And, more importantly, that will make a serious difference in the way I look and feel over the course of the next twelve months.)

 Actively working with my dermatologist. I know taking time out to make it to those doctor’s appointments on time can be a bit of an interruption of my daily routine, but I realized that unless I make myself a priority, I’ll never get my skin where I want it. Therefore, I am going to go to the appointments, ask questions, and stick with whatever regimen she prescribes.

 Being diligent with my skin care routine. I’ve done it before… “Oh, it’s late and I’m tired, I’m sure it’s no big deal if I just go to bed without washing off my make up just this once”.  Well, this year I’m going to be good about gently cleansing and moisturizing twice a day, without fail.

 Using cosmetics that are better for my skin. Speaking of makeup, it’s time for me to look into finding some that’s going to be better to my skin. I’m done with the whole clogged pore thing. If it means spending a little more on a good mineral foundation, then I guess I’ll just have to cut back on my morning latte fix.

 Anyone out there have any new year’s resolutions that have to do with skincare or dealing with adult acne?


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