Cell Phones and Pillowcases: Where is Your Acne Waiting for You?

Hormones and glands aside, there may be some things you’re doing (or not doing) that are aggravating your adult acne flare ups. What’s more, you’re probably not even aware of them. I know I sure wasn’t. But after making some small changes in my daily routine, I’m actually starting to see some noticeable improvements in the condition of my skin.

 For example, after finding out that cell phones and telephones can harbor all kinds of oil and bacteria, I bought myself a package of alcohol wipes, and make it a point to wipe the handsets down after phone calls. (I’m keeping some in the desk at work, too)

 I also read that it’s important to wash your makeup brushes every month or so to get rid of old makeup, bacteria, and other assorted gunk. (Yikes! I’ve had some of my brushes for years and have never washed them!) For my fellow lost sheep that have no clue about how to wash a makeup brush, here’s the breakdown:

  • Rinse the bristles under warm running water
  • Apply a tiny drop of shampoo to the brush and work up a bit of a lather
  • Rinse until the water runs clear
  • Lay flat on your bathroom counter to air dry

 I was amazed at the amount of muddy water that I got from a single brush! (Just a word of advice—it does take about a day and a half for the brushes to dry completely. I wouldn’t scrub them the night before a big date)

 Another hot spot for oil, makeup, dirt and bacteria? Pillowcases. Changing them (and your sheets) regularly can help stop some of those breakouts before they really get going.

 So there you have it: the creepy places around your house where acne is lurking.


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