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Feeling Good—Acne and Self Esteem

Happy New Year, everyone!

 The cough rages on, which is why I’m sitting in front of the laptop instead of hiding under the covers. (You know it’s bad when you’re keeping yourself up at night!)

 Earlier tonight, I was chatting on the phone with a gal pal I’ve had since junior high. We talk all the time, and know just about everything that’s going on in each other’s lives. In all honesty, we’re one of those pairs of nauseatingly close girlfriends that spend every moment we’re together cracking up and finishing each other’s sentences. Luckily for those around us, we now live in different cities, and don’t get a whole lot of face time.

 Anyhow, we were gabbing away, when my friend asked me how the war with my adult acne was going. She’s been fighting the same fight since her mid teens, so she knows all about how frustrating the whole zit ordeal can be. I explained to her about doing the blog thing, as well as my new year’s skin resolutions, and she asked me a question that caught me by surprise:

 “I wish I could stay as positive as you do about the whole thing. When my acne acts up, it just messes with my whole self esteem. How do you do it?”


It’s not that I don’t get self conscious, because I certainly do! And it’s not that the acne doesn’t bother me (I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t) so it took me a minute to grasp what she was talking about. Then I realized—it’s not that my acne doesn’t mess with my self esteem… it’s just that I’ve gotten pretty good about learning to reroute my energy.

 Whenever I look in the mirror and want to groan, (and hunt down the nearest paper bag to plunk over my head) I take a sec to feel sorry for little ol’ me, then remind myself of all the stuff I’m doing to clear up my skin.

 Then I put it out of my mind, as best I can. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but the fact is… there’s a lot more to me than a blemished face. I’m a great cook, with a wicked sense of humor and a beautiful smile. And if someone can’t see past a few pimples to the wonder that is me, then they can kiss my unblemished butt.

 So… what do you guys do to feel better when acne gets you down? Dancing in your underwear? Buy new shoes? Ice Cream, perhaps?


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