Milk of Magnesia and Acne?

Ok, so I need a volunteer.

 See, way back in the day (when I was a teeny bopper) I had oily skin, and I really wish someone had told me about this magical elixir that’s said to soak up oil without irritating or drying the way astringents and toners can. (Which, by the way, can kick your skin into emergency “heal” mode, actually causing it to produce more oil)

 As I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed quite a bit… and now it tends to be dry. That’s why I need a volunteer. Apparently, if you apply diluted milk of magnesia to your skin before you put your makeup on for the day, it will keep you shine free until the sun goes down. What’s more, it’s supposed to make your foundation last twice as long, too. Seriously.

 I have a friend who swears by the stuff, and get this—her sister is a dermatologist. (So I figure there has to be some validity to the theory, right?) Here’s how it works:

 Start with a bottle of milk of magnesia. Yup… the same stuff your grandma swears by for constipation. Dump out a little over a third of the bottle. Top the bottle off with good old fashioned tap water. Give the bottle a hard shake to mix every morning, and then apply to the oiliest parts of your face with a cotton ball. (Think T-Zone) Wait a few seconds for the milk of mag to dry, and then apply your makeup like you normally would.

 Acne is tough enough to deal with on its own, without having to worry about a shiny nose and oily forehead. Since it can be pretty tough to find a way to actually get your face to stop producing oil, this might just be a real life saver for some gals. Someone try it and let me know how it works!


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