Uh Oh… Acne Treatment Mistakes

As Fiona Apple once said… I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

 But it’s not a delicate man I’ve been careless with. It’s my own acne treatment. I promised to be much better about my skin care in the New Year, but I just feel like I have to bare my soul and confess my naughtiness first. Maybe forcing myself to look at my mistakes head on will help me avoid making them again. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…

 I forgot to use my medication sometimes. Yes, I do realize that I will never be able to clear up my skin unless I’m religious about using the stuff I’m paying a bundle for. But sometimes… especially after a particularly grueling day, it just seemed like I didn’t have the energy to haul out the cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. And of course, I’d always end up paying for it with an extra special breakout. I shall be diligent from now on!

 I would overuse the acne stuff. On the tail of forgetting or dismissing my night time cleansing routine would come the inevitable feeling of panic. That “Holy Crap!” moment when I would try to make up for my negligence by slathering on extra everything the next day. Of course, all that would do is dry out my skin, making it red, itchy and flakey. Never again.

 I stopped treatment as soon as my acne started to clear up. Hooray! Clear skin… and all the acne stuff would get stashed away under the sink. Vitamins would sit in the bedside drawer, forgotten. I’d stop drinking extra water. Facials and moisturizers? Nah. And then… the acne would come back! But no more! Even when my skin is sparkling clear, I shall remain committed to taking extra special care of it.

 This is going to be my best skin year ever.


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