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Zeno: What’s the Verdict?

Has anyone out there tried the new Zeno device? According to the manufacturer, it’s the latest and greatest secret weapon in the war against acne. A cell phone sized electric device, the pocket wonder is supposed to zap away pimples using the power of heat.

 So far, online reviews seem mixed. There are some people who swear by the Zeno, and will never go back to any other acne fighting method ever again; while others were left a tad, ahem, cold by its results. Supposedly, all you have to do is hold the charged up tip to a pimple, leave it there for two and a half minutes, and voila, the zit should disappear within a few hours (or a day or so at most). Interesting.

 Apparently, the heat blasts away the bacteria that cause the blemishes, which means that Zeno doesn’t cause any real side effects, aside from some temporary redness. Definitely well worth it—if it really works. I’d be interested to hear some real reviews from people who have tried it on their own face.

 There are a few things keeping me from rushing out and ordering my own Zeno. First of all, it claims not to work on whiteheads, blackheads, nodular acne, scars, or major blemishes. A lot of users are saying that it’s only good on minor pimples. Now that would be fine, if it were a really affordable gizmo. It’s not.

 In fact, the actual unit costs about $200. The tips, which have to be replaced often, cost about $35 a pack. Yowza! (Has anyone explained the whole recession thing to the Zeno people?) So before I lay down a sizeable chunk of change on a gadget that may or may not get rid of some or none of my acne… I’d like to know what other people are saying about it.


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