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Mineral Makeup: Help or Hype?

Born in mid 1970’s San Francisco, the mineral makeup revolution has reached frenzied heights of late. It seems like every other foundation on the drugstore, department store, and internet shelves claims to be of the “mineral” or “natural” variety.

 But what’s the real deal? Can switching to mineral makeup really help clear up acne prone skin?

 Dermatologists seem divided on the subject. There are those who are pretty adamant that mineral makeup is no different, and certainly no better, than traditional foundations for keeping acne prone skin clear. Then there’s the other camp of MD’s—the ones that say that mineral makeup makes a big difference in keeping those pesky pores clean and clear.

 For my money, I’m a big fan of the mineral stuff. Who knows whether or not the minerals themselves do any good, but most of these foundations don’t have the perfume, binders and preservatives of traditional ones—making them lighter and less irritating on my face. And yep, when I use them, I notice a serious improvement in the condition of my complexion.

 The real question then becomes, “which one?” With varieties that start under 10 bucks and go up to well over $50 for a single jar of mineral foundation, how do you choose which of the literally dozens of different mineral and adult acne-friendly makeup brands works best?

 Alas, ladies… like dating and cooking, it’s a trial and error thing. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind that might help picking one out a little easier. For starters, make sure you steer clear of fragrances and dyes. They’ll just end up irritating your skin and, more often that not, your acne.

 Instead, look for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide on the ingredient list. Both of these minerals are natural anti-inflammatories, which can help sooth skin that’s red swollen, or broken out.

 If you’re new to the mineral makeup scene, here are a few brands to check out. (FYI- scope out their websites… a lot of times, makeup manufacturers will send you a small sample for free, if you pay S&H. It’s a great way to try a few different brands without breaking the bank!)

  • Bare Minerals
  • Everyday Minerals
  • Alice Minerals
  • Simply Karen Minerals
  • Mineral Fusion

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