Dying for Clear Skin?

Now I’m just as desperate as the next chick to get rid of my adult acne. But some women are doing something scary dangerous (and frankly, pretty darn stupid) in an attempt to clean up their skin. They’re ordering prescription acne medication, like Accutane and Claravis, online. Come on girls… I know the monthly derm appointment and blood tests can be a drag, but there’s a reason they’re important—and some pretty serious reasons why you should avoid self prescribing any meds.

 First of all, unless you’re a dermatologist, you have no way of knowing whether or not your acne is bad enough to warrant a prescription in the first place. We’re not talking about fish oil capsules, here! These medications, most of which are imported from places like Bangkok, are not the same as you’d get in the States. Why would you risk putting something unmonitored (and possibly quite dangerous) into your body just to avoid a once a month trip to the doc’s office?

 Then there are the side effects of taking Accutane without being monitored. Potentially serious side effects, like liver damage, depression, elevated cholesterol levels, suicidal tendencies, and bowel problems. (Hello, McFly, the dermatologist’s office isn’t taking blood once a month just because it’s fun to poke you with a needle: It’s important to closely keep an eye on your body while you’re on these drugs)

 And here’s something equally scary: getting pregnant while on Accutane can cause serious birth defects. In fact, of the roughly 2,000 women that got pregnant while taking Accutane last year, over 30% had children with serious birth defects, including blindness, facial deformities, and heart disorders. (Glamour.Com)

 Suddenly, do it yourself dermatology doesn’t seem like quite such a good idea, does it?


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