The Stress Zit… This is War!

I knew it was coming. Stress always makes me break out, and if there’s anything I’ve had a heaping helping of lately, it’s stress.

 Work’s been an adventure, to put it mildly. My boss? Well, I’m pretty sure she’s off her rocker. My customers… mostly I love them, but every once in a while, I’m convinced that they’re out to get me.

 Then there’s my home life. The boyfriend, usually so sweet and romantic, has been acting like a first rate weeny of late. And don’t get me started on my sister’s long winded 11 pm drama filled phone calls.

 Which is why I wasn’t exactly surprised when a Mount Kilimanjaro sized zit erupted on my forehead yesterday morning.

 I, for one, did not consider it “news” when recent studies pointed towards something that the rest of us have known all long: there is a definite correlation between stress and acne. It may have taken researchers and scientists decades to put two and two together, but anyone who’s ever had a break out can tell you that when life is stressful, the skin is the first thing to go.

 Which brings me to my current dilemma: How do I get rid of it, and FAST? I have a big meeting on Monday, and I’d really rather not go into that conference room rocking a third eye. Usually, Visine helps me get rid of some of the redness and swelling of a monster zit, when I catch it in time, but I’m afraid this one may be too far along. Someone told me that my dermatologist can give me a shot that can banish the blemish within a couple of days, but I can’t get an appointment until after Wednesday, which sort of makes it a moot point.

 So, instead, I’m off to my friendly neighborhood Wally World. Maybe I can find a combination of over the counter stuff that can help me conquer the evil stress zit before Monday. I’ll keep you guys posted.

 Oh… and suggestions are always welcome.


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