Date Night… The Conclusion

HA! I don’t watch a whole lot of reality television, but I’m pretty sure tonight’s date could have made its way into living rooms across America if someone had had a camera.

 First of all… I am so glad I blew a third of my monthly disposable income on those boots. They got a very welcome reception from the boy friend, thank you very much! As an added bonus, he told me I looked hot, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even notice the whopper of a zit on my forehead. Guess my vanishing act with the concealer worked! (Plus he brought me flowers… can’t remember the last time the big lug brought flowers out of the blue, so bonus points for him)

So we get to the restaurant, and since we didn’t have a reservation, we decided to hang out at the bar while we waited. Well what to my wondering eyes should appear across the bar… the ex. As in, the ex-boyfriend. As in, Mr. Drama. What the…

Seriously, I had all but forgotten about this dude. But seeing him there, in the flesh, brought back many a memory, none of them particularly pleasant. Well except for that one time at his parent’s house… but that’s a story for another time. And trust me; the bad times far outweigh any potential nookie induced happiness.

I excused myself to the ladies room (had to make sure my make-up was holding up—I’ll be darned if Drama was going to see me looking anything but gorgeous) and, suddenly I put two and two together. When me *him* were dating, I would break out a lot more. In fact, I could always count on at least one major pimple after a big fight… and there were a LOT of knock down drag outs back then.

I know it goes along with the idea of stress being bad for the skin, but I couldn’t help but think of that Jesse James song, “I look so good without you”. Anyhow, when I emerged from the restroom, I was pleased to see that the ex had been joined by his date for the evening—a badly bleached blonde with a black root problem and some seriously tacky attire.

Looking over at my sweet, handsome, and primarily drama-free man, I just had to lean over and give him a big kiss. Just wondering… anyone else ever been caught in a relationship so toxic that it actually gave you bad skin?

Oh, and just as a quick post script—the rest of the date went absolutely incredible 😉


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