Date Night!

It’s Saturday… about 4 o’clock. The boyfriend called and wants to take me out to dinner (to make up for acting like a jerk earlier in the week, no doubt) and I am definitely up for some much needed distraction. He said we’re going someplace nice, which made me very excited, as it gives me a reason to wear the killer black leather boots I bought last weekend. (No, I couldn’t afford them, but you should see these bad boys—they’re mouth watering)

 I’ve decided to go with my black skirt… the snug one that grazes about an inch over my knees. Red wrap around sweater, and I’m a happening babe. So, hair up or down?

 Well it’s not really going to matter, is it? Since I’ll be wearing a bucket over my head to hide the monstrous zit on my forehead that still hasn’t completely cleared up!!! I have faithfully been applying the benzoyl peroxide based vanishing products (see yesterday’s post) in an attempt to clear it up by the end of the weekend.

 To be honest, I had to cut back on the number of daily applications just a tad, due to a bit of skin irritation. My own fault, I assure you, seeing as though I was going way over the recommended daily usage. But here’s something to keep in mind if you’re going to go with benzoyl peroxide over salicylic acid: BP can bleach clothes, pillowcases, and even your hair (yikes!) so you might want to be careful when applying it.

 So, back to tonight’s dilemma… nix the bucket. I am NOT going to let this blasted blemish ruin my good time tonight. So, after a quick online search of the best way to conceal a pimple, I came up with a quick (and pretty effective) routine for covering up a zit. Here’s how it goes:

Start with a concealer that matches your skin tone. (More on this later tonight or tomorrow!) Make sure your hands are clean and completely dry. Using the tip of a new cosmetic sponge, dap on a tiny bit of concealer to the pimple itself and the area surrounding the zit.

 WAIT! (Don’t do anything until this layer is completely dry)

 If there is still a lot of red showing through, repeat the process.

 Apply foundation to the area surrounding the pimple. I like mineral make-up, but use whatever you normally do. Try to avoid globbing makeup onto the zit itself… it actually makes the blemish seem more obvious.

 Finish with a light dusting of finishing powder all over your entire face.

Ok, fellow travelers… I am off to do something fabulously smoky with my eye makeup. I’ll let you know how it went!


2 Responses

  1. Black skirt and black boots? I say don’t worry about the pimple on your forehead. That’s probably the last place your dates eyes will be trained anyway!

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