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Tips for Chest Acne Sufferers

Happy Sunday, everyone. After last night’s big date, I rolled out of bed this morning around 11:30, and I must say—it was quite nice to get my sleep on. (Especially with the crazy week I’d had.) I am happy to report some noticeable shrinkage in the size, swelling, and redness of the forehead zit that’s been plaguing me since about Wednesday. Looks like there’s a chance I’ll be able to do the Monday morning meeting thing with relatively clear skin. Woohoo!

 So, I called up my best friend this morning to dish the dirt on last night’s nocturnal happenings (I knew she’d get a major kick out of knowing I ran into the ex). As is usually the case when we get to yapping, the conversation went off in a million different directions. She’s a fellow acne sufferer, so as we were debating the pros and cons of Benzoyl Peroxide based products, she raised and interesting question,

“Hey… have you heard of any good treatments for chest acne?”

 Apparently, my dear friend has been avoiding low cut shirts and dresses for the past two years because she’s embarrassed of her blemished décolletage.

 Well, let’s see if we can put a stop to that, shall we?

 A quick trip around the internet yielded some interesting tips:

 Prevent pimple producing perspiration by sticking to breathable fabrics—cotton works best. Avoid super tight tops, too.

 Wash the area morning and night with a salicylic acid based cleanser. (I know we’re still exploring the world of BP vs SA, but everyone seems to be in agreement on this one; when it comes to body acne, salicylic acid is the way to go)

 Try a mud or charcoal mask twice a week to help keep those pesky pores unclogged.

 In the meantime, there are ways to cover up chest acne (just like facial acne) so that you can rock your favorite outfits with confidence. Just pick a concealer that’s spiked with (here we go again) salycilic acid, and apply lightly to the area. Let it dry completely, and then blend with foundation and a light dusting of powder.

 Spring is coming… and it’ll be bringing tank tops and low cut blouses with it! Anyone else have ideas on how to keep the chest area acne free?


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