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The Great Concealer Debate (The Best Choices Under $12)

Boy, dealing with acne can get expensive, can’t it? Between copayments at the dermatologist office, prescriptions, over the counter treatments, and mineral make up, I have spent a fortune on keeping my face relatively blemish free and looking smooth lately. So when it came time to find a decent concealer, (one that works well with acne-prone skin) I was determined to keep it affordable.

 So I went out and picked up a few different options, each one under twelve bucks. (OK, so it wasn’t affordable at the time, but when it comes to future purchases… you get the idea!) After much trial and error, here is the final verdict on my top three bargains:

 Hide the Blemish Concealer by Rimmel: Definitely affordable, this cover up is probably best for really fair skinned ladies. Because it’s not medicated, it’s safe to use on your entire face, even on under eye circles, which makes it a great all over concealer. Personally, though, I’m thinking that the coverage is a little too light. It didn’t really cover the redness of a breakout. Final Verdict: Eh.

 Clear Complexion Concealer by Almay: This one’s got a pretty high percentage of salicylic acid, which makes it good at fighting zits as it covers them up.  If you’re already using an acne treatment, then be careful of over-drying or peeling when using this product. Final Verdict: If you only suffer from a random pimple every now and then, this is awesome.

 SkinClearing Oil Free Concealer by Neutrogena: Light salicylic acid helps heal as it conceals, and the coverage from this one is fantastic. It’s totally oil free, and the applicator makes it super easy to apply and blend. While some darker skinned chicas might find it tougher to match this one to their skin tone, I fell in love with it after the first use. Final Verdict: LOVE IT! My new go-to concealer.

 There are other affordable options in acne-friendly concealers out there. I’d love to hear your suggestions and reviews!


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