Bonding Over Blackheads

Moving sucks.

 My lease was set to expire at the end of the month, and since I wasn’t really too keen on the part of town I was in, I decided to set about finding some new digs. I found a great place (closer to work, and with an amazing kitchen, no less) so I was pretty stoked. Until, that is, I realized that I had to pack and actually move across the city.

 So I’ve been up to my eyeballs in boxes and tape every evening after work this week, and it still doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent. How did I accumulate so much junk in the first place? And more importantly, why am I so reluctant to part with stuff that I know I don’t need? Time to call in reinforcements! I rang up the boyfriend and told him to get his cute butt over to my place and help me sort my, ahem, treasures.

 Fast forward about two hours later, and he and I are lounging on my couch, sharing a pizza. Nothing has gotten packed, much less thrown out or cleaned up. Oh well.

 Instead, we’re watching a marathon of beauty makeover shows—the kind he really likes but insists he watches just for me. As they slap a pore clearing strip on some girl’s nose, D asks (around a mouthful of Italian sausage and extra pineapple) if those things really work. I have no idea. Although I’ve been dealing with adult acne off and on for the past few months, my skin tends to be a little dry, and from what I’ve heard, blackheads are directly related to excess oil on the skin.

 Apparently, my boy toy is somewhat self conscious about the blackheads on his nose. He’s always been so sweet and supportive of my own skin issues that I decided to help him find an answer. Plopping my trusty laptop on the pizza carton, we began to hunt down some tips on banishing blackheads.

 Turns out those so called miracle pore strips aren’t really a good idea. They can damage skin and even encourage the production of more blackheads. Yikes! Instead, this is one case where squeezing can actually be a good thing. There is a definite technique to doing it right though:

 First wash with a gentle cleanser. Next, cover the affected area with a warm wet cloth for about 10 minutes to loosen up all the gunk. Pat your skin dry, and then wrap your fingers in tissues to prevent scratching or tearing the skin, which can cause bruising and scaring. Finally, use GENTLE pressure to push down and then up around the sides of the blackhead. If nothing comes up after two tries, you’re best bet is to stop… it’s not ready to come up yet.

 I must say, it felt really good to know that the bf trusted me enough to open up about his acne issues. It also made for the beginnings of a really long, thoughtful conversation. Somehow, I don’t mind so much that we didn’t get any packing done.

I’d love to hear from you guys (and gals) out there… have you ever struggled with blackheads? Did you find something that really worked?


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