Using Zzz’s to Fight Acne

Hooray! The move is over. I am officially living in my new place. (Most of my boxes are still in the garage, and my socks and curling iron seem to be MIA, but hey that’s par for the course, right?) Wow, talk about a stressful weekend. I don’t think I got more than 5 hours of sleep between Friday night and Monday morning. No big surprise that I woke up with a pretty wicked break out then, huh?

 I thought it was just the stress and dust of packing and hauling that was tormenting my skin, but it turns out that the whole lack of sleep thing can cause pimples too.

 Everyone knows that sleep deprivation is seriously bad for your body. But I don’t think many people realize just how bad it really is. There are about a million things we can get into, but for now, lets stick to sleep (or a lack thereof) and its effect on your acne. For starters, not getting enough Z’s is a big trigger behind increases in inflammation—a major acne no-no.

 What’s more… you don’t even have to be majorly sleep deprived for this inflammation overload to kick in. Even a few nights worth of restless sleep can increase your inflammatory cytokines levels by 40-60%. That is a BIG increase in swelling, which in turn leads to a huge increase in the number of zits you can be spotting.

 Then there’s the link between lack of sleep and insulin resistance. According to the University of Chicago’s Medical Center, getting 6 hours of sleep or less per night can affect your body’s insulin resistance—a major contributor to diabetes and acne. Holy Smokes!

 Ok, Ok… not getting enough sleep was definitely a contributor to this break out. So now what do I do about it?


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