Acne Down Below?

Readers, I was approached today by someone with a serious concern. Apparently, this person, who is my older brother’s friend, but shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, is concerned about body acne. Most specifically, he’s worried about acne down there. As in, *there*. Now I have been struggling with the acne thing for a while now, and (thankfully) have yet to break out in my nether regions, but apparently, pubic acne does exist. And it’s a problem faced by more people than I realized.

 You can get acne anywhere on your body. That includes the dreaded bacne, pimples on your chest or arms, and yeah, even your special place. Yikes! So I decided to do a little reading up on the subject. Here’s what I found out:

 There are a few different things that can be causing a break out south of the equator. What’s more, it might not be regular acne at all! While you can get pimples on you’re privates, you may also be suffering from an STD, clogged sweat glands, or even folliculitis—which is an inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Which means your best bet is to get to a doctor. (Better safe than sorry, yes?)

 In the mean time, here are some tips for dealing with pubic acne while you’re waiting on that appointment:

 Wash the area twice a day. A good antibacterial soap might help, because bacteria or fungi in the area may be what’s triggering your break outs down below. Also, don’t stay in sweaty work out clothes. Wash the area after exercise, intercourse, or any other activity that leaves you less than fresh.

 Moisture is a lovely breeding ground for germs, so try and keep the area as dry as possible. That means paying extra attention to drying off after a shower. Also, if you tend to get sweaty easily, or if the weather is especially muggy, you might want to gently blow dry yourself.

 Lay off the razor of a couple of weeks. Shaving may be irritating your skin, and that could be making your breakout worse.

 Stick to cool, breathable fabrics for your underwear selection. Cotton works best, as synthetic materials may not be allowing your skin to breathe.

If anyone’s got more info on the subject, hit me up.


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