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Acne Vaccine in the Future?

Let’s hear it for the docs at the University of California at San Diego. They are actively working on developing an anti-acne vaccine. When I heard the news, I just had to find out more. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

 It turns out that scientists started working on finding a cure for acne back in 2001. P acnes is the name of the bacteria which is primarily associated with pimples and break outs, so doctors have been trying to perfect a vaccine that would target P acnes and eliminate it. The problem came a couple of years into the research, when medical professionals realized that our bodies might actually need to hold on to some of the P acnes bacteria, and that getting rid of all of it may do more harm than good.

 Today, research has begun again, with a new goal in mind: targeting the toxins that are secreted by the P acnes bacteria. It’s a pretty new idea, and one that deals with the protein makers on a cellular level. The toxin, called the CAMP factor, is the leading cause of many forms of acne—meaning that a vaccine that actually gets rid of it can be an effective cure for those dreaded pimples once and for all.

 Initial results are looking pretty good, especially since early versions of the vaccine are working well on mice. Whether or not it will work as well on humans remains to be seen, though, because mice don’t produce the same skin oils as us.

 So what’s next?

 A clinical trial with human beings is the next step in the process. And it might end up being a big hurdle, because funding has yet to be secured, and those trials cost a pretty penny. We’re talking about a couple million dollars here. Then there are those of us (myself included) that are concerned that the drug companies and OTC acne corporations might get in the way of this vaccine coming to fruition. Either way, it’s looking like it’s going to be at least 10 years before we see an anti-acne shot, should it happen at all.

 What’s your take on the acne vaccine?


11 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I think this is a LONG TIME COMING! They should have developed an Acne vaccine years ago, one that EVERY CHILD should have access to by age 10 or so, that would not only prevent Acne but shut down their oil glands so that the skin would stay like it is in pre-school. I still remember having a very oily T zone as a young adolescent, along with wearing those thick glasses. Yuk! It’s too bad more people don’t see this as a necessity, like curing cancer and diabetes. I know skin diseases aren’t lethal, but they can cause a lot of emotional pain and depression.

    Not everyone will get Acne but for those who are predisposed to it, you shouldn’t have to suffer from it only because some health care professionals want to make a profit. No skin disease was ever cured with a cream or topical, like ProActive or Clearasil!

  2. at least 10 years?? i cant wait that long…

  3. I’ve suffered from acne for 5 years, as well as the emotional problems; not looking people in the eyes, constantly comparing your own skin with others, avoiding people (also friends and family), not able to have a normal conversation (maybe in dim light, where the acne isn’t that visible), depressions, NO self-esteem and common breakdowns (I think I was crying once every second week or so). I’ve even heard of people having suicidial thoughts! I can’t believe people are looking so much down on acne. It is – sort of – a life-threatening sickness. Peoples lives are changing so much.. After I started in high-school, I’ve quickly recovered from these emotional effects, but if my pain lasted longer, I’m not even sure if I could recover from it. I’ve read about people clearing up, but still find it difficult to look people in the eyes and such.. Acne is a serious mind-f*ck.

    • .. So yeah, I really hope they succeed in making these vaccines – the faster the better! I wouldn’t mind being a test person. I have maybe recovered from the emotional effects, but I’m still dealing with the acne. Even if I’ve cleared up by the time they’ve made this vaccine, I still wish they work. I would just be happy for all the people, who would get the vaccination! Nobody deserves acne..

    • Anna,

      I know exactly what you mean. Acne can wreak havoc on every part of your life. You don’t even want to look at people, take pictures, go out… it’s like it takes a part of your whole life. You mentioned that you finally got it cleared up. What did you do? It seems like every time I get a handle on my acne, it just comes back again! 😦

      • I thank god that I got rid of acne just by controlling the food I eat. Just by knowing what really harms you body can help in controlling this monster easily.

        I now keep fried eggs away from me and eat boiled eggs instead. I know this cannot be a perfect fit for everyone but I came to know this for myself very late when much of my face has been already destroyed by the ugly scars.

      • Definitely! I never really made the connection between what you eat and what happens to your body…weird, I know. But, now I am making up for last time. lol

  4. And what about the change in your diet? Reading labels for all chemicals that are not supposed to be in your food in a first place to avoid them.

    Haven’t you already read enough about vaccine adverse reaction in children?

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