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Nose Blowing Zits

So what, exactly, is the proper office etiquette for telling a coworker that they stink? There’s a woman in my department who insists on wearing this horrible, overwhelming, perfume. I’m sure it’s some ridiculously expensive French concoction, but the simple fact is that it’s killing me. It was bad enough when I only had to deal with it during staff meetings, but now she and I are working together on a big project, which means we are spending a ton of time together. Joy.

 What’s worse, her Eau du Skunk is aggravating my allergies. This means that in addition to the headache that I get from her over ripened stench, I’m also dealing with a runny nose, sneezing, and constant nose blowing. (Not to mention the sudden rise in my weekly Kleenex costs) Just when I thought this budgeting project couldn’t get any worse, I noticed something: all the extra irritation is causing a major increase in the number of pimples around my nose!

 Granted, I always seem to end up breaking out whenever I’ve got a cold or there’s a lot of pollen in the air, but I think that up until now I’ve chalked it up to toxins or what not in my system. But working with Ol’ Stinky has caused me to take a different look at the whole nose blowing acne situation. The constant rubbing of tissue and fingers against the side of my nose has definitely given me a couple of bumps that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

 So what to do about it? The last time I had a big bad breakout, I took some benzoyl peroxide products out for a spin. (And found a couple of OTC products that I really liked) This time, I think I will try the flip side of the coin and pick up a salicylic acid treatment on the way home.

 Anyone else out there ever have to deal with a toxic or smelly coworker?


4 Responses

  1. I think your blog is awesome. I found it on Yahoo. I will definately be back.

  2. This is such a big problem for me. I’ve got chronic rhinitis or some kind of allergy. I have to blow my nose A LOT during the day, and even more when I work out or do cardio.

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