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How to Pop a Pimple… The Right Way

Here’s the deal: I know we’re supposed to keep our hands off those zits, but there are some pimples that are just begging to be squeezed! Case in point- the monster on the side of my nose. (Thanks a lot, perfume happy co worker)

 Normally, I follow my own advice, and allow my body and acne treatments to heal a zit without laying hands on myself. But this time… well, lets just say it’s big and white and it’s GOT to go. I am not going to work sporting this thing on my face, and it looks about ready to burst anyway. But I decided to look into the proper technique for popping a zit, because the last thing I need is a scar to forever remind me of the little pimple that could.

 First of all… you should know which kinds of pimples are ok to go for. Stay away from any painful, red, or deep blemishes. The only zits that are ok to squish are the ones that are all the way at the surface and white. Once you’ve decided that a zit is ok to pop, here is the right way to do it:

 Start by disinfecting the tip of a safety pin or sewing needle with plenty of rubbing alcohol. Prick the pimple in the middle with the pin. Next, wrap your two index fingers with tissues. (This is important, because you don’t want your fingernails to do damage) Squeeze down and in from the sides. Don’t get rough with yourself! If a pimple is ready to pop, it won’t take a ton of pressure to make it happen. If, after a couple of squeezes, nothing happens, walk away from the mirror.

 Oh, and if you start seeing blood or clear fluid… don’t go any further! Again, you want to avoid scaring!


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  1. It is so great to have an updated blog giving information about acne! Thanks!

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