Vitamins for Clearer Skin

Staying healthy requires proper nutrition—that much we already knew. But were you guys aware that according to a 2007 study by the Center for Disease Control and prevention, nearly 40% of Americans eat less than the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables? Let’s face it… unless French fries count as vegetables, most of us fall under this category. Now I know that scientists have yet to come up with a definitive link between diet and acne, but I can’t help but wonder if increasing the levels of healthy vitamins in my system won’t give my skin a boost, too?

 Don’t get me wrong—I know that supplements and pills aren’t a substitute for eating right, but vitamins can be a great way for dealing with the deficiencies left behind by our crazy diets. Time to hit the internet for a crash course in vitamin and skin care education.

 First and foremost, it’s essential to keep in mind that taking too much of any vitamin or supplement can be toxic to your body. So lay off until after you talk to your doctor, and stay up to date with your check ups to make sure that you’re being smart and healthy. Also, make sure you talk to your MD if you’re taking any prescription meds, since they can sometimes interact with OTC meds and vitamins.

 Once you get the all clear, there are certain vitamins that seem to be a little better than others for clearing up your skin. A good place to start is vitamin A. Consider this: Retinoids, which are a common ingredient in many dermatologists’ oral and topical acne treatments, are derived directly from vitamin A.

 At the other end of the alphabet, zinc is another vitamin that seems to be helping acne suffers. In fact, there are a few universities conducting studies on Zinc as a treatment against pimples.

 So aside from zinc and vitamin A, do you guys know of any vitamins that can help increase the chances for clear skin?


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