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Hooray for Keira Knightly!

I’d like to thank Keira Knightly (whom I’ve never met, by the way) for making me feel much better today. See, I woke up feeling fairly lousy… PMS is rearing its ugly head, which means that in addition to cramps, bloating, and fatigue, I have pimples to look forward to. UGH! So where does the lovely Pirates of the Caribbean star come in?

Well, I was killing a little time online when I stumbled across an interview she did a while back where she talks about the fact that she actually suffers from really bad acne herself. (WHAT???) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to suck joy out of someone else’s misery, and I’m not feeling better about my own adult acne just because one of the most beautiful women on the planet is dealing with it too.

No, it’s Ms. Knightly’s approach to her skin issues that made me stand up and take notice. She claims that she hates having pictures of herself airbrushed, even when she’s breaking out, because it gives girls and teens a false sense of what real women look like. WOW! Why isn’t this getting more press coverage???

Here is a drop dead gorgeous woman dealing with a problem that thousands of other men, women, and teens are struggling with every day… and she’s willing to let everyone know that her skin isn’t perfect—far from it. In fact, she says that she relies heavily on her dermatologist and hours of her makeup team to achieve that flawless complexion you see on screen.

She went on to profess that her skin is just “dreadful” and that she wishes that they hadn’t done so much air brushing for promotional posters on films like Pride and Prejudice, because she’d like girls that look up to her to see that beauty isn’t perfect.

Good for you, Keira!!! You were already one of my favorite actresses before this… now, I can’t say enough about you.


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