Celebs with Acne

In honor of the completely amazing interview of Keira Knightly I found last week, I decided to hunt down a list of other celebrities that suffer from the occasional bout of adult acne. Now, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do NOT rejoice at the thought of anyone else dealing with skin issues. On the contrary, I know how much acne sucks, and feel bad for all my fellow sufferers.

 But realizing that even the rich and fabulous have to deal with the reality of zits, bumps, and blemishes makes the rest of us mere mortals feel a little better about our own bad skin days. Which is exactly why I set about collecting this short collection of acne prone celebs:

 Cameron Diaz: Everyone’s favorite tomboy surfer chick is not immune to pimple drama. Pics of the adorable blonde sporting red bumps and painful looking spots on her forehead, cheeks and chin were snapped while she was voicing her role in the first Shrek film, as well as during filming of Charlie’s Angels. Lately, Ms. Diaz’s complexion seems to have cleared up considerably. She credits clean living, exercise, and lots of fresh fruit juices with helping keep her face fresh. Hmm…

 Leonardo DiCaprio: Looks like Hollywood hunks aren’t always able to duck the acne curse, either. The Titanic and Blood Diamond star has been seen with some pretty mean looking pimples on his forehead and chin.

 Britney Spears: With all the stress piled on the former mouseketeer of late, it’s no huge surprised that she’s dealing with an onset of adult acne. Not to mention that the former teen queen is also now the mother of two—and heaven knows how pregnancy and motherhood can wreak havoc on your skin! Keep your spirits up, Britt, it’s getting better already.

Alicia Silverstone: The former Clueless star and devoted animal rights activist is no stranger to the occasional breakout. I didn’t even know that Alicia had ever suffered from acne— guess there’s something to be said for good concealer, huh?

 Ok, so do you guys know of any other acne-prone celebrities?


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