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Body Acne… UGH!

Dealing with acne on the face is bad enough, but when the rest of your body starts to break out, it’s hard not to feel completely betrayed. I mean, up until now, I’ve always been able to say, “Well, I might have some zits on my chin and forehead, but at least the rest of me has clear skin.” Well guess what? I can no longer say that, because as of a few weeks ago, I started noticing spots in places that they should NOT be!

It all started with something that looked suspiciously like a pimple on my chest. Of course, I told myself that it couldn’t possibly be. After all, I’ve never gotten acne anywhere other than my face before. So it must be a bug bite. Then I got another “bug bite” on my chest—and one on my upper arm. Call it denial, but I picked up a bottle of spider killer and liberally sprayed the area under and around my bed. Turns out these were some pretty persistent arachnids, because I woke up the next morning with a blemish on my shoulder.

Ok, time to face the music: these aren’t bites, rashes, or allergic reactions. It’s acne. The bane of my facial skin is apparently migrating. Great… what’s next?!

I have no idea what to do about this. Do I slather the same stuff I use on my face all over my body? Should I be washing more often? Longer showers? Is there something I can to keep it from spreading? Is body acne triggered by the same things that make my face break out?

I am at a loss. Here I was, thinking that my adult acne was starting to clear up a bit, and the universe decides to turn against me and send me more pimples—in new places, no less. I’ll be doing some research, but in the mean time, feel free to leave your suggestions!


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