The Battle Has Begun

Ok, so once I got over the initial shock of seeing pimples on parts of my body other than my face, I decided that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself, and start fighting back. First and foremost, I found out that the skin on your face is a lot more delicate that the rest of you, which means that you can use a body wash with a much higher concentration of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide than you would on your face. That sounds like good news to me… the stronger the better!

I’m also going to be taking careful inventory of what I wear until my skin clears up—especially now that the weather’s getting warmer. Trapped sweat and dirt that are squished up against your chest and back make the perfect starting point for a gnarly break out, so it looks like I shall be avoiding tight tops for a while. I’ll be wearing a lot more breathable fabrics, too. Cotton is a good choice, because it’s natural and wicks moisture away from your body.

Be careful of undershirts, camisoles, bras, and panties—apparently, they can help speed along the process of a full body breakout for the same reason. Now I don’t know about you, but doing away with bras and underwear isn’t exactly an option for me. Instead, I’ll be careful to use ones made out of cotton, and wash carefully after a hot day.

Speaking of washing, it’s essential to hop into the shower right after a workout, too. Oh, and if you’re a fan of that spandex workout wear… it’s got to go. (Personally, I’m too self conscious to hit the gym in bike shorts and a tube top, but I know a lot of ladies prefer snug clothes to exercise in.) If you’re dealing with body acne, you’re better off sticking to looser tees and shorts until your skin clears up.

I started using a Neutrogena body wash… stay tuned for a review. If you guys know of something that works better, let me know!


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