Body Wash: Patience Required


So when I spotted the first signs of body acne action a few days ago, I went out and purchased a body clearing acne wash from Neutrogena. I figured I’d start to see results in a day or two. (I have no idea where I came up with that notion—but it seemed like a reasonable enough request in my mind) So here I am, a few days later, and I haven’t seen a change in the condition of my shoulders or chest yet.


I was about to have a complete hissy fit and go out and find a new body wash, but I figured I’d check out some online reviews first, just to be safe. Turns out that pretty much everyone who’s used this product (and just about every acne body wash, really) says the same thing: it takes about one whole bottle’s worth of the stuff before you start seeing any real results.

And just in case you’re thinking the same thing I was—namely that taking multiple showers a day and using extra heaping helpings of the wash itself would speed the process along—go ahead and disregard that thought altogether. Because of the salycilic acid in acne clearing body washes, overusing them can irritate and dry out your skin; leading to more breakouts, not less.

Turns out the brand I had selected has gotten some pretty good reviews, after all. So I guess I’ll stick with it. The boyfriend bought a manly man acne body wash for himself, and started using it about the same time I did, so let’s see which one works better. Just between us, though, I’m a little jealous, because his smells way better than mine!

Stay tuned for the results, and as always, suggestions are welcome.


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