Prescription for Bad Skin

So I may have (finally) narrowed down one of the main causes of my recurring adult acne.

After picking up my prescription at the pharmacy last night, I did something that I don’t think I’ve really done since I first started taking this new anticonvulsant about 2 years ago—I read the informational packet that comes with the meds every time I get a refill.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy after a brain surgery a few years back. Once I found a good anticonvulsant medication, it was really no big deal. I’ve worked really closely with an amazing neurologist to find the perfect combination of meds for my system.

A review of possible side effects of said medication, however, revealed that along with lightheadedness, possible stomach upset, and occasional dizziness, my pills could be causing acne too. Ugh… now what?

It wasn’t easy to settle on the right medication. In fact, I went through several options before finding something that really worked. So, as much as the pimples are bothering me, I’m not willing to sacrifice my health for clear skin, either. Looks like I’m stuck fighting to clear up my face as best I can, without switching prescriptions.

If you’re having trouble getting your own acne under control, you might want to look to your RX list for possible culprits. Among the drugs most likely to cause breakouts are:

Seizure medications

Corticosteroids and other medications traditionally used to treat asthma and other breathing problems (These can actually increase production of sebum—the main culprit of acne)

Antabuse is a prescription used to treat alcohol abuse. When mixed with liquor, it causes a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, and helps to discourage people from drinking. Unfortunately, it also causes breakouts.  

TB treatments

Anti-malarial medications (often used to treat auto immune diseases like Lupus)

So… since it doesn’t make any sense to put the health of our bodies in jeopardy over the way our face looks, it would appear that those of us on medications are just going to have to continue to find new ways to deal.


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