Acne Product Review: Clean and Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer

While doing my grocery shopping early last week, I realized (much to my dismay) that they were out of the moisturizer I’ve been using forever. I thought about waiting a couple of days and coming back, or else just stopping at the drug store on my way home, but then I realized that this might be a good time to rethink my moisturization needs, anyway.  

After all, the weather is finally starting to get warmer, which always means an adjustment in my skin care needs. Plus, I’ve mostly been using the same moisturizer out of habit—not because I was particularly enamored with it.

So when I saw Clean and Clear’s oil free dual action moisturizer upon the shelf, I thought “Why not?”

First of all, it was affordable—less than $5 for the bottle, which is about 2 bucks under what I usually spend. (And waaayyy below what the designer stuff costs. I’ve seen some fancy schmancy moisturizers that sell upwards of $40 a jar) I figured that even if I wasn’t thrilled with it, it wouldn’t be a really big deal to give the bottle to a friend and pick something else.

What really caught my eye was the whole “dual action” part of the equation. The moisturizer, which according to the label is light and non-greasy, also contains a small amount of salicylic acid to help fight breakouts—and prevent new ones from cropping up.

Moisture and acne medication, all wrapped up in one? Definitely worth a shot.

I am so glad I tried it! I really like this product. It may just become my new go-to moisturizer, as a matter of fact. It doesn’t leave my forehead shiny, like many other brands do. (It’s a pet peeve of mine, that oily feeling—and a big part of the reason I don’t moisturize as often as I should)

As to whether or not it treats and prevents pimples remains to be seen. So far, I haven’t seen any new break outs. Stay tuned for more info on this one!


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