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Thank You, Mr. Hershey!

Everyone, I’m dedicating today’s blog to a very special friend of mine. Chocolate has gotten me through more than one bad day, and it’s high time I returned the favor.
The truth is, I LOVE chocolate (what girl doesn’t?!) and it’s been driving me crazy every time I hear a person complain that chocolate made them break out.

Let’s clear things up once and for all, shall we?

Repeat after me: Chocolate, on its own, will not cause acne.

 In case you missed that, allow me to repeat myself: On its own, chocolate will NOT cause acne!

 Research and studies have proven it continuously. So why all the confusion? It’s simple really; two of the INGREDIENTS found in processed chocolate might lead to pimples.

 And while even those ingredients (namely sugar and caffeine) have not been unequivocally linked to break outs themselves either, there is some evidence to suggest that they aren’t doing your skin any favors.

 Everyone knows that sugar is not good for your general health, but it’s also a BIG no-no for acne sufferers. Caffeine affects acne too, but not as bad as a high sugar level in chocolates. Caffeine increases the stress hormones in your body. This leads to a hormonal imbalance. And we all know that whacked out hormones are a major cause of blemishes. Hmmm, could this mean that coffee is another cause of acne breakouts? Ugh!

So what does all of this mean for you and your skin? Unfortunately, it probably means that a low sugar/low caffeine diet is probably going to help clear up your skin. BOOOO!!

 In theory, it sounds good, but who’s going to pass up on chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven? (Or, in my case, those midnight junk food pantry raids?)

 Before we freak out, allow me to say that I am a firm believer in moderation. Honestly, there is no reason to give up on all those goodies—but maybe toning it down a notch might be a good idea. For example, when I finish writing this and dash down to my kitchen for a chocolate cookie fix I’ll bypass the 4 that I have been daydreaming about and opt for 2 luscious Nestle Tollhouse Treats instead.

 Also, don’t forget to read labels. They may cost more, but pricier brands of chocolate might have less additives (like SUGAR) so you can enjoy your chocoholic cravings with less fear of a breakout. And keep in mind that the darker the chocolate, the better all around it is for you.

Oh… and next time someone tells you that chocolate causes acne, please set them straight. I, personally, am tired of chocolate getting a bad rep!


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