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Nature’s Cure: An Enthusiastic Review

Hello, all. I received an email from a friend, whom I hadn’t heard from in a quite a while, not too long ago. After a little chit chatting, the topic of this blog came up. It turns out that my once near and dear gal pal is a faithful supporter of one anti acne regimen in particular. With a little coaxing, I got her to contribute a guest blog for us. (Thanks, Kaitlin!)

Here’s the story of her personal battle with breakouts:

“I have been a long sufferer of acne (Word to the wise: this is never a good pickup line). 

It all started in junior high when my face, seemingly overnight, exploded into what looked like the surface of Mars (though, It wasn’t nearly as fascinating a sight).  It was an emotionally painful and confidence-crippling experience, leading me to practically pour buckets of foundation atop my pubescent mug, which only led me to break out more. Oh, the Ouroboros-like suffering of acne-ridden youth!

My mother, in fear of losing her daughter to impending teenage awkwardness, whisked me off to the dermatologist faster than you can say “Noxzema”.

The zit doctor checked my skin out, poking and prodding and furrowing her brow. She finally concluded that my skin was extra sensitive and the usual acne medications would be too harsh for me. This made sense to me, seeing as how I had tried out every acne product on the market, only to find that they stung and reddened my face and ultimately did no good.  She prescribed a little gem called Nature’s Cure. It was a two-part acne destroyer. One part was a package of all-natural pills, designed to prevent more pimples from popping up. The other part was a cream that got rid of your already existing acne.  I rushed home and tried it immediately.

After a few days, I noticed, with much jubilation, that my skin had begun to clear up. Best of all, there was absolutely no redness or stinging sensations involved.  My teenage awkwardness had been cured! Well, not exactly, but at least one of the aspects out of a thousand had been taken care of.

My point is Nature’s Cure rocks.  I still use it to this day. I swear by it. And do you want to know the best part? A few years after my dermatologist prescribed it to me, it went on the market, and so, it’s now available to everyone.  Also, it comes in nifty packages for men and women because the company understands and takes heed to the fact that our skins are different. Neat, huh?

So, I recommend you check it out. Enjoy!”


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