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Ah, the wonders of Facebook. I reconnected with an old high school friend of mine about a month ago. Yesterday, we (finally!) met up for some lunch and to gossip about everybody and everything.

While we were talking, my mind wandered back to those teen angst ridden mornings when we’d call each other, frantic, after just having discovered that a new zit had laid siege on our faces during the night.

(Little did I know that I would still be dealing with this even AFTER college, right?)

As we sat sipping mimosas, I suddenly felt the slightest twinge of envy at my friend’s clearer than clear skin. Obviously, her skin issues must have cleared up right after high school, because there wasn’t a blemish to be seen on her porcelain complexion.

I wasn’t jealous. Really.

 I made a self- deprecating comment about my current acne strife, and boy was I surprised to learn that she had dealt with adult acne, too. Until a few years ago, that is.

I asked how on earth she had cleared it up so well, and she, basically, told me that one of the factors that helped was her decision to start taking vitamins.

Ok, here we go.

I thought, “Great, does this mean I have to turn vegan or vegetarian or only eat holistic soy peaches or try some other super healthy mumbo-jumbo?” (Not that I’ve got anything against vegetables—but come on!)

 But the more she talked about it, the more I realized she wasn’t preaching a new and radical way of living but just taking the vitamins after every meal that her body needs but her everyday diet isn’t providing.

All right, now this sparked my curiosity. Honestly, the only vitamins I’ve been ever been known to pop are the yummy Flintstone’s ones. (Hey at least I’m honest)

So I vow to look into the whole vitamin supplement thing, and report my findings back to you guys, stat.


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