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Vitamin A Lovers Rejoice!

Alright, fellow acne sufferers—I promised that I’d look deeper into the whole vitamin thing, and I have. First of all, there are going to have to be more posts on the whole subject than I originally thought, because frankly, I found enough info to make anybody’s head spin.

But for starters, I did find out that there are 3 vitamins which are essential for healthy skin and a clear complexion. They are (drum roll, please) vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E.

For now, let’s take a closer look at just one of these (Vitamin A) and its role in keeping your face and body blemish free. More on the other 2 to follow soon, I promise!

Vitamin A has been shown to enhance your immunity levels, prevent cardiovascular disease, ward off cancer, and fight off skin problems. Wowza! Not bad for the very first letter of the alphabet, no?

Anyone who’s read this blog knows that the oils from your skin—aka sebum—are largely responsible for your acne breakouts. When sebum builds up, or, say, gets infected, or even blocks your pores and glands it’s hello acne time.

A key component to keeping those pesky pimples from popping up in the first place is the exfoliation process. (For more on exfoliation, check out last month’s entry Exfoliation 101, and one from a couple of weeks ago when we revisited the topic) Basically, Vitamin A helps dry up your skin and peels off the top layer of dead skin. Yeah, I know it sounds gross but trust me on this one—it’s a good thing!

So what’s a good way to boost your Vitamin A levels?

Start by increasing the amount of citrus fruits, pumpkin, and carrots you’re eating, since they all contain lots of vitamin A. Tomatoes are another great way to get more A in your diet—and they have the added benefit of supplying you with plenty of lycopene and other yummy antioxidants too!


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