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Vitamin Excellent

Ok, we’ve been through the awesomeness of A and the beauty of B… that leaves but one more vitamin in the skin care trifecta to be discussed: His excellence, vitamin E.

 To catch everybody up who has neglecting their blog reading duties of late: lunch and mimosas with a gal-pal last week turned into a quest on my part to find some of the best vitamins for healthy skin and a clear complexion, so that I (and you, if you so choose) can increase their amounts in my daily life.

 Turns out that Vitamin E may just be the most important vitamin in the fight against adult acne. It helps heal and protect skin tissue, which (all in all) sounds like a good idea for anyone trying to repair any kind of damage brought on by the war against acne. It also helps with acne scarring, which can be the cause of many a heartache for acne sufferers.

 More, Vitamin E protects the skin from the harmful and dangerous pollutants we come into contact with daily, including ozone, as well as the toxins produced by our own bodies.

 But perhaps best of all, Vitamin E can help ease the cramps and bloating associated with PMS. Now, I personally don’t need any more reasons to hate that time of the month, but when I found out that PMS and pimples go hand in hand, I felt completely betrayed by my own uterus.

 You can find Vitamin E in fortified cereals, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, wheat germ, mangos, spinach and tomatoes. (Funny how tomatoes keep popping up on these lists. Talk about a super food… maybe I should just become a tomato-tarian)

 So there you have it folks: My round up of the three most essential vitamins for clear skin. I’d love to hear any other questions, comments, or suggestions!


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