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The Milk and Acne Connection

Milk does a body good… but is it terrorizing your skin in the process?

While a conclusive link between diet and acne has yet to be established, a few studies have been done as of late in regards to a link between milk consumption and acne severity.

As it turns out, men and women who participated in the studies showed a correlation between drinking more milk and having more (or more intense) breakouts. Believe it or not, skim milk had a worse effect on complexions than whole milk, leaving researchers to believe that the fat content in dairy had little to do with the outcome.

Vitamin D supplements in non dairy drinkers didn’t change their complexion, which means the vitamin content isn’t to blame, either.

But if it isn’t the fat, and it’s not Vitamin D, then what is it?

Well, it looks like hormones may be to blame.

Many dairy farmers give their cows hormones to help them produce maximum amounts of milk. Among those hormones are androgens, like testosterone and IGF-1. Testosterone is a hormone that’s already been linked to acne. IGF-1 is a growth hormone present in adolescents, which could be a contributing factor to teenage breakouts. It stands to reason that increased amounts of both of these hormones could be causing acne in adults, as well.

Testosterone also creates DHT(di-hydrotestosterone… whew, try saying THAT three times fast) which actually stimulates the body’s sebaceous glands. More active sebaceous glands equal oilier skin, blocked pores, and as a result, pimples.

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of people who drink milk on a daily basis, and have nary a zit to show for it. But isn’t it entirely possible that for people who are naturally predisposed to have more breakouts, milk could be a trigger? (Or at the very least, a contributing factor?)

Time to weigh in, readers: Have you guys noticed a correlation between milk and acne?


2 Responses

  1. wow,this is the first time i`ve heard of this,could it really be possible?
    no more milk for me….

  2. A lot of people seem to think so Igor… I’m going to try and cut out milk, too!

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