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Forehead Acne… UGH

Part of the dreaded T-Zone, the forehead is one of the most common places to break out. I’ve been dealing with a couple of blemishes under my bangs lately, and ironically, so is my boyfriend. So I figured it was time to do a little area specific research. Let’s see if we can figure the whole forehead thing out once and for all, shall we?

First of all, forget what you’ve heard from your mom, friends, and old high school pals. Pizza, chocolate, and sex are not responsible for your forehead and hairline acne breakouts. Rumors and wives’ tales do not facts make!

Instead, forehead acne is caused by the same things that make you break out on other parts of your face and body—namely sebum, oils, and hormones. What does exacerbate forehead pimples are extra oils from your scalp, along with hair care products and, if you wear it, makeup.

So… now that you know why you’re breaking out up there, time to find a way to deal with it.

For starters, get yourself a good medicated facial wash. I found one with salicylic acid in it, and I’m going to take it for a test run. (Stay tuned for a review coming at you soon) Use it twice a day, paying careful attention to the T-Zone.

Next, don’t forget to exfoliate. I’m on the lookout for a gentle but effective facial scrub. Remember, overdoing the exfoliation can be just as bad as not doing it at all, so if you have questions, check out my previous posts on exfoliation basics.

Finally, round out the whole regimen with a medicated acne lotion. If you use moisturizer, you might want to consider switching to one for oily skin. I’m going to try combining a salicylic facial cleanser with a benzoyl peroxide OTC medication, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds.

Stay tuned for updates!


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