Moisturizer Essentials

A common mistake made by far too many acne sufferers is the assumption that people with acne prone skin don’t need to moisturize their face.

The train of thought goes something like this: Acne is related to oily skin, so it doesn’t make sense to moisturize it anymore if we want to stop acne—not breed more of it.

Seems logical enough, right?


  What a lot of us don’t realize is that often, even acne prone skin is dry, and our bodies are forced to produce more oil to compensate. Of course, this ends up causing even more acne. It’s a vicious cycle- or so it seems. The real trick, then, becomes finding the right moisturizer to help keep your face hydrated without aggravating your acne. Aren’t you lucky I’m here to help?

First and foremost, keep in mind that acne can pop up (pun intended!) on both dry and oily skin types. The right moisturizer will help you maintain the moisture balance that your skin needs, without feeling slick or greasy.

  It’s also important to remember that most acne medications can cause seriously dry skin. Add that to the fact that most people dealing with adult acne over-wash their skin in the hopes that it will keep shine and pimples at bay, and you have a recipe for stripping you skin of most of its natural oils. Oils whose main purpose is keeping your skin moisturized and protected.

 Therefore, a good moisturizer helps replenish the skin, and (hopefully!) will actually cut down on the number and severity of your break outs. But just what should you be looking for in an over the counter moisturizer? Is there anything you should be avoiding? When is the best time to apply?

 Don’t fret… Stay tuned for a crash course in all things moisture. (You didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging like that, did you?!)


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