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Moisturizers and Acne Prone Skin

Ok, so we’ve established that even people with acne need to make moisturizer a part of their regular skin care routine.

 But do you know the right way to moisturize your skin? Forget what you’ve heard, because people with skin that’s prone to acne breakouts need to follow their own set of rules when it comes to keeping their skin hydrated.

 To begin with, apply moisturizer to the skin only after it’s been freshly washed. The last thing you want to do is apply any kind of cream or lotion on sweaty, dirty, or make-up encased skin. To do so would only encourage new breakouts—definitely NOT the look we’re after.

 Remember to wash with warm water, since scalding hot H20 can actually rob your skin of even more moisture. Between washing and moisturizing, pat your face dry. That’s PAT, not rub, please.

And be careful of those all natural and wholesome moisturizers. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing things au naturel… just keep in mind that not all of the ingredients in natural products are good for acne prone skin. For example, coconut extract can clog pores and peppermint oil can irritate acne—so choose with care. Your best bet is often to scrutinize ingredient lists carefully, and then buy the smallest bottle available until you find a brand that works for you.

 And ladies-keep a little something in mind as you build up your skin care routine: Anti aging creams are usually formulated for drier skins. That means that your rejuvenator might just be aggravating your acne.

 It could end up feeling like you’re being forced to choose between clearer skin now and premature wrinkles down the road, but don’t stress yet. There are anti aging products available that work for pimple prone faces—you just might have to explore a bit to find the right one.


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