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Soap Hope

When you’re dealing with adult acne, nothing is more important that maintaining a good skin care regimen. We’ve gone through the how’s and why’s of moisturizers and cleansers—but what about those of you who prefer bar soaps to the liquid kind?

Much like acne cleansers, finding the right kind of soap for your skin is essential. And with so much variety in the bar soap world, this isn’t always an easy task. Let’s see if we can’t clear a few things up, shall we?
For some acne sufferers, the most obvious choice is to go with natural soaps. Some people want to keep chemicals out of their bodies and away from their face, and going natural is a good way to accomplish that.  An added bonus is you don’t have to think about side effects as when you go organic.

Next are sulfur soaps. Some people swear by sulfur as an anti acne ingredient. (Something tells me we’ll have to explore a bit more on the subject) Sulfur believers claim that these soaps not only get rid of acne, but they also prevent acne from coming back. It leaves your skin nice and healthy. Sulfur is an ingredient used for many years with a long track record of treating problems with acne.

Finally, a glycerin or sorbital based soap is recommended by still other believers. Usually, soaps leave the skin feeling strange and waxy while a glycerin or sorbital based soap is supposed to prevent that residue. It doesn’t strip moisture from the skin so it doesn’t leave it dry or irritated. Plus, it balances the skin’s acid pH level which means bacteria won’t have a good environment to grow on and cause further breakouts. (Again, more research shall be forthcoming)
Remember, in the battle against acne, soaps should be used as part of your daily regime—not alone.


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