Death to Bacne!

So summer is officially here, and I’ve been working all kinds of hard to get my body bikini ready.

See, the boyfriend and I are planning a little summer getaway this year, and there was no way I was going to be caught dead lounging around a pool in Vegas without hitting some hardcore gym time first.  Hey… my body’s been cooped up in winter wear for 3 long months—it’s definitely time to show a little skin!

Speaking of skin, I’ve also been taking extra good care of mine in preparation for said vacation, as well. I’m hoping that by being extra diligent with my facial care routine, I can arrive in Sin City with a blemish free complexion.

 But, drat! It looks like my plans might be foiled! The dreaded body acne may be rearing its ugly head again. And in the most wretched place—my back!!!

 For a second there I seriously thought about convincing the boy toy to reschedule our vacation to, say, Antarctica (where I could hide my body under a parka), But no… I will not let the pimples win this war.

 So I’ve got almost 2 weeks to prepare for this little escape.

 **Deep Breaths**

 In the mean time, I’ve been showering twice a day with an antibacterial soap, avoiding vigorous scrubbing, keeping my back sweat free (especially after working out) and wearing cool cotton clothing. I’m also trying to sleep on my side to avoid any unnecessary irritation.

 Of course, I have no idea whether or not any or all of this will actually be enough to banish the dreaded bacne before it’s time to pack.  Guess all that I can do is try my best, and focus on not freaking out.

Wish me luck… and I’ll keep you guys posted.


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