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Sun, Sweat, And Right Field…

I love baseball season!

 Not just for the guys in tight pants, either. Nope, I genuinely heart a good baseball game. I’m one of those fans that get intensely wrapped up in the game, and feel like my little heart gets broken every time my team loses. (Which, as a Cubs fan, happens more often than not)

 Lately I’ve been experiencing baseball season anew; revisiting my high school years as I watch my brother and nephew play. Along with the great nostalgic memories, however, I also get to remember the awful summer  high school breakouts! Sports and the sun create the perfect playground for acne to crawl all over your body. This can be very uncomfortable no matter what time of year but it’s especially heinous in summer, when you want to show off your skin and enjoy the sun.

 As I watch my boys catch that baseball, I myself end up catching endless sweat drops after a long game.

 If there’s one thing I’ve learned from dealing with acne and a love of sports at the same time, it’s that keeping my skin fairly oil free and clean is essential to keeping the acne monster at bay.  

 Whenever I get home from a sweat fest, the first thing I do is grab a moist towel and oil-less soap to wash off my face. I’ve even taught my little brother and my little league playing nephew that the most important thing to do after removing their cleats is to get their faces washed!

 Then, of course there are sweaty uniforms covered in dirt, oil, and bacteria (all words that instill fear in the heart of acne sufferers worldwide). Keeping those things clean between games can be a hassle, but it’s an essential part of maintaining clear skin throughout those skin baring summer months!


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