Covering Up Those Blemishes!

Who among us hasn’t had a sudden break out on the day before a big event? Maybe it’s the stress or excitement of getting ready to party like it’s 1999 again, but there always seems to be a connection between my planner being filled and my face freaking out.

 Everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin when it comes to a get-together, especially with all the camera clicks that seem to come with any kind of an outing. However, feeling supermodel chic is a little tough when you’ve got Mount Vesuvius on your nose.

 I have been dreading the big Fourth of July family reunion that’s fast approaching… mostly because I’ll be coming face to face with my always perfect cousin Lisbeth (and her lovely children… my goodness, dear when are you going to get started on a family?) and her obnoxious sister.

 But this year, I vowed, would be different from those nightmarish family functions of years past. I’m bringing my boyfriend (Much better looking than Lisbeth’s hubby… and unlike certain other peoples’ significant others—employed) for moral support. I was going to approach this get together with grace and aplomb. And, armed with a great concealer routine, an apparently flawless complexion to boot.

 So here’s the breakdown—

 First, apply concealer in a light, dabbing, circular motion on the acne blotches or other imperfections you’re looking to camouflage. I used a disposable facial sponge to blend in the concealer with the rest of my skin—avoid reusing sponges or brushes, or you risk spreading acne to other parts of your face. Make sure it’s not too thick, you can always apply more later but if it dries clumped on, it won’t blend in with the rest of your skin.

Next, apply your foundation in the same, light motion, but this time apply it all over your face to even the color and feel of your skin tone.

 Lastly, apply a light layer of oil free powder evenly all over your face using a large makeup brush. This allows any of the shine left behind by your concealer to be covered up, and gives you a finished even look.

 That’s it! Three simple steps to a deceiving complexion. Now… On to the reunion! (Wish me luck)


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