Acne Scars… WHY?

Yesterday, I helped a friend out as she tried to hunt down the best ways to deal with her acne scars. Which kind of left me wondering… where do those darned things come from, anyway? And more importantly, what’s the best way to keep scars from occurring in the first place?

 Everyone knows that you can end up with a scar after an injury or wound. Well, apparently the same goes for acne scars. When the dermis of the skin is damaged from acne blemishes, a scar is born. It all starts with an inflamed lesion, which is chalk a block full of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. When the inflammation gets to be too much for that pore, all of that gunk spills out into the dermis—destroying healthy skin tissue and leaving a scar in the process.

 In an attempt to repair the damage done to the dermis, your skin will form new collagen fibers. But, unfortunately, repaired skin never looks as smooth and flawless as before the incident. Deep breakouts and pimples that take a long time to heal also increase the chance of a scar forming.

 Inflammation is said to be the single greatest gauge of scar development. When acne gets inflamed, the chances of the bacteria spreading and leaving scars increases. The temporary discoloration of the skin will eventually fade away on its own with time. Talk to your dermatologist about ways to keep the inflammation from a breakout down to a minimum.

 The temptation to pick or squeeze at a pimple is almost inevitable, but don’t give in! Picking at the pimples damages the skin more, which leads to the scarring aftermath!!!


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