Not Just For Breakfast Anymore


Sticking with yesterday’s theme of yummy food that’s also good to slather on your skin, I thought I’d revisit the oatmeal facial masque of posts past.

 If you recall, a few months back I did a whole post on homemade facial masques. And yes, I really do use them. (They do help calm, soothe, and exfoliate acne irritated skin, trust me on this one.) Plus there’s something just plain fun about concocting a treatment in your own kitchen without having to worry about the price of a swank spa. There’s also the advantage of knowing exactly what goes into each one of these treatments, which is more than I can say for anything that I buy at my local drugstore or super center.

 But there is one of those masques that gives me grief every time I try it: the oatmeal honey treatment. Now it’s not that it doesn’t work—because it does. It’s just that the sticky combination of cooked oats and sweet honey dried on my face like plaster of Paris.

 I figured that there had to be a better way to take advantage of oatmeal’s exfoliation properties and the antibacterial goodness of honey. Preferably one that didn’t require the assistance of my boyfriend’s power tools to remove once it’s set.

 So, a quick trip around the information super highway yielded a newer version of the dreaded oatmeal masque that I can’t wait to try. For those of you that want to take the journey with me, here goes:

 Start with a heaping tablespoon of oatmeal—uncooked. Grind it up for a sec in a blender or food processor to make sure it’s fine. (Instead of hauling out the kitchen bad boys, I think I’ll just put it in my Magic Bullet. Alternatively, I’m pretty sure you can stick it in a plastic bag and attack it with a rolling pin until it’s pulverized)

 To the oatmeal, add about a tablespoon of live organic yogurt. (Skip the flavored stuff, please) Throw in a few drops of honey and, Voila!

 Reviews say it’s best to warm up the honey a bit before adding and mixing, so you might want to heat up a spoon under hot running water and then use it to incorporate the honey.

 Apply the concoction to your face, and then rinse off after about 10 minutes using a warm washcloth before following with a light layer of moisturizer.


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