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Sweat it Out!

Acne and sweat… not exactly best friends. Or are they?

For years, everyone’s always said that sweat causes breakouts. It’s a given: like the fact that the sun rises in the east and the cutest high heels will always hurt the most. Well now it turns out that we may have been wrong all along.

So could it be that sweat actually helps clear up breakouts?

Take a spin around the internet, and you’ll find more and more people (including dermatologists and researchers) that are saying, absolutely. It turns out that when you work up a good sweat, your body pushes out bacteria and gunk that’s been building up inside your pores and follicles.

Looks like those 45 minutes on the elliptical were working out more than just your love handles. In fact, people who work out regularly appear to have clearer skin on average.

Now, there is a caveat here: you have Have HAVE to wash off all of that wholesome sweat right away. As in, as soon as you’re done working out. Otherwise, the sweat, grime, and bacteria that you just got rid of will simply find their way back into your skin causing (what else?) a breakout.

So, apparently, sweating can both help you get rid of acne and, if left unattended, make it worse. In other words, just like everything else that has to do with your acne, it’s complicated.


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