Is Anyone Listening?

Ok, I’m sure I’m violating some unwritten female code by admitting this, but I’m not much of a chick flick fan. Nope, I’ll take a psychological thriller or goofy comedy over a tearjerker or sappy love story any day.

But last night, as I fought a particularly heinous round of insomnia, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. I flipped through channel after channel, searching for something to watch, and came to a frightening discovery. Unless I was interested in buying a vacuum, fake diamond jewelry, or a counter top blender, I was going to have to settle on whatever movie was just starting on the premium channels.

This left me with two choices: Julie and Julie (a chick flick if there ever was one) and The Devil Wears Nada (a movie with chicks, but definitely NOT of the Meryl Streep variety). Seeing as though I couldn’t really bring myself to watch the cheesy soft core movie alone—yes, I admit that I tried to wake my boyfriend and get him to watch with me, to no avail—I bit the bullet and hit play on Julie and Julia.

I figured that it would be just the thing to bore myself to sleep. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed it!

No, this does not mean that I have any intention of running out and renting Beaches or Terms of Endearment, but it turned out to be a very well written, funny, kinda touching story. But it did make me wonder about one thing: is anybody listening to me?

I started this blog with one intention: to share my skin story with other people dealing with adult acne and, in the process, maybe help some people who are struggling like I am. Who knows… maybe I could even get some tips and tricks from other acne sufferers.

So, I guess I’m just wondering… is anybody out there?


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