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Tackling the T-Zone

Day after day the same pimples appear on your face in the same problem areas.  It’s almost like you have a scarlet letter on your face.  What’s more likely is that you are having troubles with your “T-Zone”.

What is a T-Zone? No, it’s not the latest tween angst boy band.

Your forehead, your nose and your chin are the most at risk areas of your face when it comes to acne outbreaks.  If you draw an imaginary line intersecting this area it would look like the letter “T”, and there you have it.

Managing Your T-Zone

Here are a few things to keep in mind that should make acne “in the zone” a little more manageable.

1.)     Beware of the Cleanser.  Since your skin needs special treatment here be careful of what you are using as a cleanser.  Be sure to use a cleaner that states it is for oily skin.  You may want take a look at gel based cleansers as well.

2.)    Wash your hands.  What do your hands have to do with acne breakouts on your face?  A lot, actually.  Throughout the day you are touching a lot of things and you are then touching your face transferring any bacteria and oils.  The more disciplined you are in keeping your hands clean in conjunction with a little less “hand to face” and you’ll begin to see improvement in your skins tone.

3.)    The two rules for life.  You may have heard this before but, just in case you haven’t apply this to your daily life and reduce your outbreaks. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff. Stress affects your body in all sorts of negative ways, one of which is increasing the frequency and severity of acne breakouts.

Make a few of these little adjustments to your daily routine and you’ll soon see your acne problems begin to disappear.


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