The Thirsty Skin Issue

Tell me I’m not alone here.

Every time the seasons change, my skin goes through shock and I end up with a whacked out complexion. With fall (and colder weather) just around the corner, I know what’s coming. Dry air, central heating, and biting wind will all conspire against me so that by December, I will be stuck with skin as dry as the Sahara. Of course, acne doesn’t take a winter break, so it’s double whammy time—breakouts AND super dry skin.

But don’t despair, my friends. Over the years, I’ve managed to come up with a few skin tricks to help to help me embrace Winter Cheer—and keep my thirsty skin at bay.

The loss of natural moisture in your skin is what’s causing that dry skin in the first place. So, naturally, your first instinct is probably to slather on the moisturizer creams. But before you start applying that cream willy nilly, make sure you’re doing it at the right times. Apply moisturizer as soon as you step out of the bath or shower for maximum effectiveness—this is when your pores are open and most ready to soak up all that nourishment. Then reapply before bed and, if you like, when you first wake up.

Another suggestion is to drink more water.  It may sound pretty silly but most of us do not drink enough H20 daily. Since our bodies overwhelmingly comprised of good old aqua, it’s imperative to keep filled up. Milk isn’t the only thing that does a body good.

A lot of the acne medicines we use today are full of alcohol and all other sorts of chemicals. Make sure you’re using something specifically designed for dry or sensitive skin. And, if all else fails, it’s time to call the dermatologist…


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  1. keep it real, iight

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