The Milk and Acne Connection

You know the old saying about buying a cow and getting the milk for free? Well, it would appear that your daily dairy habit may be giving YOU something for free: extra breakouts.

Looks like it’s time to decide just how much you really love those Cheerios in the morning. Because this is definitely a two for one that you don’t want any part of. That’s right… milk may just be the reason behind your latest acne breakout. Just what I needed to hear: even the cows are conspiring to affect the clarity of my skin.

Dermatologists are divided on exactly how much of an impact milk may have, or even if there is a corelation at all.  But a study published in 2008 in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology suggests there is a direct link between drinking milk and breaking out. Milk may do a body good, but it certainly isn’t doing a face any favors.

The Journal’s study concluded that those with a higher level of milk consumption were victim of increased acne.  (The increase in acne included both the frequency of acne outbreaks and their severity)

The culprit?  Hormones.

Now, the idea that hormones and acne go hand in hand isn’t a new one. But for once, it’s not your own body’s chemistry that we’re talking about.

Nope, this time, it’s the cow’s hormones that are wreaking havoc.

What was curious to me in all of this is that milk chocolate doesn’t seem to have the adverse effect it’s always been rumored to have. In fact, milk chocolate had the least affect of any other lactose laden beverage.

So if you are like me and you don’t just love your chocolate but are “in love” with your chocolate, this is good news. Chocolate does, however, still have the potential to expand your waistline. But hey, we’ll let someone else get into that in a weight loss blog coming to a computer near you. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a link between your evening glass of milk and your morning acne scare.


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