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Facials: Yeah or Nay?

One of my favorite Things to do on a Saturday morning is to go the spa for a warm and relaxing facial.

Who’s with me on this?

There are few things that feel as decadent as that fresh, hot towel… the steam penetrating my pores as it caresses me, cleansers washing over my skin, exfoliating and moisturising my face. Cap all of this with a facial massage and I am ready to spend my man’s money at the mall.  

But as good as all of this feels (and as far as I’m concerned, it’s still a great way to start the weekend) I can’t help but wonder if any of this helps me in the battle against acne. 

The truth about facials is kind of blurry.

Some acne suffers find facials to be helpful in controlling their acne outbreaks. For others, they amount to little more than a few minutes of relaxation at the spa without any real impact on their acne. The secret may lie in the method, process, and products used.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and maybe even your dermatologist:

 What type of cleansing products would be best for you and your skin?  Everyone has different skin tone so when it comes to whats being put on your face, your face has a lot to say about it. Oily skin would require a different type of moisturizer than a person with dry or oil neutral skin.The amount of product applied to your skin and the amount of time it should be left on your skin also varies from person to person. 

 Make an appointment with your dermatologist and ask whether or not beginning a facial regimine would benefit you. My own experience has been that while it feels fantastic to be pampered a bit to begin my weekend; I am not convinced it makes a huge difference for me.  

But, the occasional facial certainly hasn’t made things worse. And that means there’s no reason to give up my favorite little escape.


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